Design & Construction Logistics, Inc.
Company Overview
We are here to service ALL of your project management/control needs!


We have been consulting since 1986. Our educated team holds various materials and work certification along with state licenses.

- Construction
- Development
- Healthcare
- Pharmacy
- Process Plant, Nuclear
- Sales, Marketing

Scope of work includes, but is not limited to the following:

Estimating / Value Engineering

Every project needs to be accurately priced. This is an essential part of a successful project. With our experiences in material, work trades, manhours and management, DCL has been successful in not only winning bids, but winning with a substantial profit.

Scheduling / Claim Analysis

Pricing a project is not enough. If project activities are not properly scheduled, the end-product can be comprised in the value of time, money, and resources. This is critical in the claims process.
A proper schedule is based upon various formats (i.e. CPM, etc.)
DCL has the expertise of trained schedulers that will ensure a timely project.  This also applies to the pre-bid process which DCL will gladly partake in.

Progress Photos

Most contracts would like to have a record of work in-progress. What better way to accomplish this task than by having DCL take photos of your project as it rolls-out. This will ensure that actual work is being completed throughout your project.

Operation and Maintenance Manuals (O&M)

If your project deals with plumbing, mechanical, or electrical equipment and materials, then you will need to have documentation on field-testing and operational instructions. DCL will ensure your project equipment(s) and materials have instructional directions. This is usually a part of the submittal process of a project.
DCL will also give training classes to owners and users, as requested.

Expediting Permits / LEEDS / Purchase Orders

No need to worry about tedious government applications for you to work! DCL will deal directly with the respective authority to ensure your work will not be restricted due to permits.
Another new aspect incorporated into projects:  LEED. DCL will deal with local environmental/suppliers//manufacturers for registering your project as LEED.
Why deal with the hassles of purchase/subcontract/supplier orders on your own? DCL will surely handle all your procurement tasks from the beginning to the end.

Quality Control/Assurance

No one wants an incomplete or improper product/project. Beyond integrity, poor quality of a product/project puts people at risk - safety hazard. DCL will draft your entire quality control program and/or work plans to ensure quality is not comprised.  This includes field inspection and testing of materials or work.
Put us to the test!


You can count on us to secure your Hazardous Waste Storage Area. This includes staffing your abatement site with a Competant/Supervisor/C-5 consultant. DCL will ensure the abatement of Hazardous Products will be compliant with SSPC or similar standards as you may deem necessary.


Please contact for an RFP. Please ensure that you have all specifications and/or project details necessary for an accurate Request for Proposal.

Thank You!